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Neocamera strives to provide information needed by readers in the clearest and most concise way possible. Our ability to read minds is somewhat limited at this time, so there will be times when some questions remain unanswered, even by our extensive FAQ.

Try the Site Map or the search box below, if you are looking for specific information. If you are lucky, the the answer you are looking for is just a few clicks way and you won't have to wait for an answer.

You may contact us with questions, suggestions and comments by email at this address. We will attempt to respond to every respectful inquiry in a reasonable amount of time, but please be patient, there are lots of things that keep us busy.


Companies and individuals wishing to advertise with us are encouraged to e-mail us at this address. Neocamera offers placement advertising which can be global or targeted to specific countries. Many standard banner sizes and formats are accepted. Please keep in mind that, for the pleasure of our readers, we do not accept popup or pop-under adds and we reserve the right to reject any add which we judge may be offensive to our readers.

In your e-mail, please indicate which format and frequency of advertisement is desired. Someone will contact you shortly after with detailed information. You may also advertise indirectly one the site by joining the LinkShare advertising network by clicking on the banner just below.

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