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Pentax FA 31mm F1.8 Limited


Pentax FA 77mm F1.8 Limited


Pentax DA 50mm F/1.8

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Mount Pentax K (KAF)Pentax K (KAF)Pentax K
Max FLM 1X1X1.5X
Focal Range31mm77mm50mm
View Angle70°31.5°32°
Max ApertureF1.8F1.8F1.8
Min ApertureF22F22F22
Min Focus30cm70cm45cm
Magnification 0.16X0.14X0.15X
Filter Size 58mm49mm52mm
Aperture Blades 997
Stabilization NoneNoneNone
Protection NoneNoneNone
Size (D x L) 66 x 68.5mm63.5 x 48.5mm63 x 39mm
Weight 345g270g122g
Tilt N / AN / AN / A
Shift N / AN / AN / A
Zoom Mechanism N / AN / AN / A
Focus Mechanism InternalInternalExternal
Focus Motor ExternalExternalExternal
Focus Drive AF with quick-shiftAF with quick-shiftAF with quick-shift
Perspective RectilinearRectilinearRectilinear
Hood FixedRetractableBayonet
Introduced 2012-05-21
Legend Best Spec About Average Lowest Spec Uncompared